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So I SHOULD be working on my Dean/Cas Ever After fic. Instead I did this. XD FOR SHAME!!!

song: When My Time Comes
artist: Dawes
footage: Supernatural
spoilers: Up to and including Season 7, Episode 10
disclaimer: I do not claim to own the rights to either the show or the song. This video was made purely for my own enjoyment. I neither made, nor will make, any money from this video.
vidder notes: I had thought this vid was going to be the story of Dean, but once I finished making it and viewed it completely through from start to finish... I realized that this is the story of Dean through the eyes of Bobby. More poetic that way? I like to think so.

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Title: The Heavy Burden of a Bad Idea
Author: [personal profile] bunnymaccool
Rating: R- for language (heavy use of the f-bomb)
Warnings: Post season 7 AU, so assumptions made on the end of the season, and kind of ignoring the end of 7x10.
Spoilers: Up through 7x10 'Death's Door'
Word Count: 3121
Summary: It didn’t take very long at all to realize that he was no longer an angel. He was just a man. Powerless and frail. And burdened down with so many poor decisions. Dean had said that they had been family once. He had said that he loved him as a brother. He had begged him to reconsider and trust him. He had also looked upon him with wounded and devastated eyes that bespoke of unimagined betrayal. Would Dean even want to help him? Would he even want to see him?

Author notes: Written for the [profile] deancas_xmas Secret Santa challenge. Gift recipient was [profile] timey_wimey_kid, who gave an awesome prompt. I really enjoyed writing from this prompt, because this is very much how I would LOVE for season 7 to end. *crosses fingers* Also, holy-crap-last-minute-beta job done by ... my Mom. XD (Who thinks Misha Collins is hot potatoes.)

He was cold and wet. )
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Current count:

3,674 / 20,000

I'm actually enjoying myself. Like ... A LOT!! 8D I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get Dean's "voice", but so far it's been really easy for me. The more I write, the more I realize that Dean and I actually have a lot of snark things in common. Next I have to write some Sam POV ... and this scares me, because I have to admit (and this will likely get me tenderized and filleted if I ever spoke this at an SPN con) ... but I don't particularly LIKE the character of Sam. :/

He has his moments, sure ... but since the beginning... I never really was a Sam fan. And then when Castiel showed up, he dropped waaaaaaaaaaaay down to the bottom. LOL! XD So I'm going to be freaking out writing Sam ... then God knows how I'm going to handle Cas's POV. If I even CHOOSE to do it! GRAH!!! *headdesk* Dean is just so easy. (double meaning *snark*)
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Okay!! I've started working on my DCBB story! It feels awesome writing again! I'm hoping this carries over in to other fandoms, and I can get some of my other stories finished! WHOOT!!

Here's what I got so far:
2,136 / 20,000

... but to be completely honest... I think I'm going to blow the 20,000 word minimum outta the water. Considering I'm over 2000 words right now... and I've only done ONE SCENE!! XD And it's not even a FINISHED scene!! LOLZ!

I'm even making a list of songs for a fanmix of the story, too. Just because I obsess with music, and I've always wanted to make a fanmix. XD So here... here's one of the songs, iffin' you're interested. (And hey, BONUS!! I found it on youtube used in a Supernatural fanvid. Fitting.)

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RL has been such a bitch for the last couple years that I haven't written anything. ANYTHING. From any fandom ... or for my damn book that I desperately need to work on. I've likely lost most of the old fandom fanfic friends I've made over the years because of my LJ absence. I apologize for that. And again, as always, I promise that I'll finish all the stories that I've started eventually.

The muse has finally started tentatively knocking on the brain door lately ... and I've been feeling the itch to put some fanfic to "paper" as it were. So I decided that I needed to do something to FORCE myself to jumpstart back into the fanfic world. And as Supernatural has been one of my longest running fandoms ... and one that I've never actually written for...

.... I decided to do something completely INSANE!!! And thus... I'm officially signed up as an Author on this years [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang. Yes... you heard me correctly ... I just put myself down to write a story that has to be a MINIMUM of 20,000 words in a fandom I've never written for before ... in a pairing that I ADORE (OTP!) ... but again... have NEVER WRITTEN BEFORE!! LOLZ!!

Anywho... hope to have your support, Dear Friends List... though I have been away from you for so long. <3 Any Supernatural fans out there? Dean/Cas ones? Love to hear from you!! ^__^

Click the banner to sign up
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... the start of season 6. Now... I LOVE Supernatural. I ADORE it, really. I've stuck with it the whole time, even when it got a little questionable. However, I have to be completely honest here.

I just ... didn't really like it. The first episode. There was just something ... missing. I don't know. I'm going to hope it gets better, or maybe I'm just still mourning Kripke's SPN... but ... *sigh* ... we'll see.

(And was it just me, or did you want to strangle Sam? He just had an ... assholish quality to him this ep. I dunno. :( )


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