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A birthday ficlet for Miss Noa!!! ([livejournal.com profile] noacat)

You asked for SessKag Fluffy, Miss Noa ... and that is what I sat down to write! .... but ... um... this is was came out of it... XD XD

I hope you like it anyway!

...... and my apologies to any spider lovers... heh... >__>

That Which Does Not Kill Us... )

WELL... it's been a while since I've written any Inuyasha... and I've NEVER written from Kagome's POV before.

Hope it's an okay B-day prezzie, Miss Noa!!!

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I'm not sure if anyone here knows my Sesshoumaru story (beyond Kisah) ... but I've just posted the first new chapter in ... *cough*almostthreeyears*cough* ... if anyone is interested in reading you can find it here:

I lovingly refer to it as the 'Sesshy stuck in a rock' story ... because... well ... he is .... >__> ... don't look at me like that ...

... right ... so with that outta the way ... let's do a check up on all those stories I'm working on ... shall we??

Revisting the fanfic progress update of DOOM )


Right then ... time to wander off and do something ... productive ... XD XD (besides watch a million episodes of NINJA WARRIOR ... because OMG!PRETTY JAPANESE BOYS!! *__*)
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If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post one sentence (or more) from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

Oh boy... this'll be a doozy..... and I'm not giving any titles... don't wanna give anything away. >:3 ... (each break denotes a new story) )
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Right... *cracks knuckles* ... Time to take stock of sh!t I need to do. I'm not really doing this for any purpose... just to DO it... and maybe get my a$$ in gear to start working.

Shit Bunny needs to write/update:


Ain't No Love (part 4 and onward... however long that may be XD)
Don't Follow (haven't posted yet... was actually my FIRST venture into fandom... it has Bloody!stabbed!Leo and Angsty!OMG!Raph.... big shock, eh?)
Donny.Donny.Sweet&Sunny (working title- the sequel to IGNORE THE GHOSTS)
Unnamed Usagi/Leo (first of a set... actually nearly finished)
yay!babies! Unnamed Leo fic (*cough* um... technically mpreg... X3 ... I promised Miss Kay I would give Leo babies and DAMMIT! I SHALL!!!! MWAHAHA!)
Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye (a companion piece to a Raph story - a Fast Foward Leo fic)
Can't Cry Hard Enough (sad Raph ficlet to go with above story)
ULTIMATE Leo-torture-fic (the pass fic that Miss Kay and I are planning on doing... just ... must write first chapter ... XD)
Raphie horror fic (badass plot bunny that hit me a couple weeks ago... it shall be FUN, too!!! *evil cackle* ...... think FLATLINERS the movie... if you've seen it... that's the only hint I shall give.)
Donny!Death fic (... you read that right... XD ... it shall be a songfic, actually)
Leo Training Disaster (old idea... Leo attempts to make a point during a training mission... it misses... wide margin of error, too)


The Deal (part 3 ... the *GASP* NC-17 bit. Yes ... it's a Sanji/Zoro... you bet your bottom it is.... mmmmmmmmmm... SanZooooooo....)
Ravine-2 (sequel to my 'Zoro falls off cliff, see's dead people, Sanji wigs story 'Now Comes the Night' ... this time ... Sanji's POV)
The Placing of Blame (chapter 9 and on ... my OMG!what was I thinking!? mega long Sanji/Zoro that I adore... truly... but it drives me crazy... XD )


May You Never Be Alone (my soul-eating-monster ... I have, what ... 8 or 9 chapters up and am nowhere NEAR even the MIDDLE of the damn thing... yet I haven't posted in nearly two years.... *sigh* ... I've been working on it again ... but I'm still looking over my shoulder for the tar and feather squads. SRSLY ... you should read some of the reviews... people get ANGRY if a story looks abandoned ... but I understand ... I've been VERY disappointed by abandoned stories before myself. Which is why I refuse to do so!!! ........ oh... it's mostly a SESSHOUMARU story that will eventually have hints of Sess/Kagome iffin' you're curious.)


Long Road Home (My Mirai Trunks story that I started ages and ages ago. There isn't much left to it, not REALLY... I definitely need to finish it.)

ALRIGHTY!! My fic-trading friends! Nows your chance to call me a liar! Are there any other story ideas or partial fics of mine that you can think of , that I haven't mentioned??? I want to make sure I have an ACTUAL working list to go by.

AND!! IN CASE ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW! Any of these fics that have already been posted, or have prequels, etc. etc. will either be here in my LJ MEMORIES or at my FF.net account HERE.

*WHEW* ... *looks* ... you know ... that's not NEARLY as bad as I thought it was.... SWEET!!! ... Now.... what to work on first.... *ponders*....


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