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Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Taylor, Texas, United States of America
BunnyMacCool was born in the fall of 1998 along with her partner, The Bra Strap Kid, who has long been lost to a foreign country. Bunny likes to express herself through writing, drawing and interpretive dance. Bunny's views on the world are derived from her GODS. (Eddie Izzard, George Carlin and Margaret Cho) Every so often, Bunny enjoys a good fangirling over a pretty bishie. (It helps if they have strange colored hair, tattoos, or the tendency to bleed profusely.) Bunny now openly admits her obsession with Yaoi. (Because one steamy, smexy bishie is just NEVER enough.) So now, Bunny WELCOMES you to her page! Please, to be lookzings around! ^__^


And my super awesome MERLIN mood theme was created by the talented [info]sugah66!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

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