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Hello!! and WELCOME!!! All fandom related material is open and available for perusal ... I even have a handy-dandy MASTERLIST up and complete!!! If you're interested in more than just fandom goodies... friend me! 8D I shall friend you back!! <3


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Are You There, Dean Winchester? It's Me ... God. (R) Dean/Cas
Summary: Dean Winchester has grown used to God dicking around in his life the last couple years. But this crap? This takes the CAKE ... or pie, rather. Now he's been thrown a whole new curve-ball. The kind that has ended the Civil War in Heaven ... but resulted in Raphael taking over, and hunting for Dean's ass on a silver platter. Not to mention dealing with Balthazar acting like a self-righteous prick, Sam having some big damn epiphany on his big brother's sexuality, and Cas eying him up like he's the world's juiciest cheeseburger. All that mixed with the chance to fix it all and set everything to rights ... but only if Dean is willing to sacrifice himself. Again. Seriously, if he ever meets that bastard God he's gonna- ... oh hey, Chuck! What are you doing here?

CRASH (R) Jared/Jensen
Summary: He doesn’t like to think back on the entire experience much. Not more than to, say, acknowledge that the one thing that irrevocably changed his life around for the better was the same thing that nearly killed his best friend in the entire world. It’s an impossible trade off. If that night had never happened, he would never have known the truth or have within his grasp this completely amazing love he’d only ever dreamt of finding. Really, though … he’s digressing … it doesn’t start here. It starts with an argument.And a rainstorm.

The Heavy Burden of a Bad Idea (R) Dean,Cas (can be taken as pre-slash)
Summary: It didn’t take very long at all to realize that he was no longer an angel. He was just a man. Powerless and frail. And burdened down with so many poor decisions. Dean had said that they had been family once. He had said that he loved him as a brother. He had begged him to reconsider and trust him. He had also looked upon him with wounded and devastated eyes that bespoke of unimagined betrayal. Would Dean even want to help him? Would he even want to see him?



Drabble: Chopper's Nose (G) Chopper/Zoro - topic was "blue"
Drabble: Chopper's View (G) Chopper - no topic
Drabble: Scar Tissue (PG) Luffy/Zoro - topic was "talking"
Drabble: What Makes a Man a Man? (PG) Chopper/Zoro - topic was "Man" ... I won the week with this one! (^__^)
Drabble: A Simple Understanding (PG) Luffy/Zoro - topic was "rock"
Drabble: Call Me Aniki! (PG) Franky/everybody -ish - topic was "justice"
Drabble: I Saw Red (R) Zoro/Sanji implied, Sanji/Other - topic was "doors"
Drabble: Silent Observation (G) Usopp/nakama - topic was "exhaustion"

Stand Alone Stories:

Everyone loves a Masochist(PG) Nakama-ish ... Zoro/everyone... if you *squint*
Summary: The crew reflects on their memories and expectations of a certain injury-magnet swordsman

Hate Me(PG-13-ish?) ... for potty mouths, but no action. *le sigh* Zoro/Sanji
Summary: Zoro is lost and injured ... again. Sanji is sick of having to find the damn bastard.

Push Me, and then just Touch me... (PG-13) Ace/Zoro with implied Zoro/Luffy (doing my part to beef up the ACE/ZORO shipping of supreme HOTNESS!!)
Summary: One of these days Zoro will learn to stop going into dark rooms alone. Really.

Small Nothings (PG-13) Zoro/Sanji
Summary: Zoro proves he can be all philosophical . . . and stuff.

Now Comes the Night (PG-13) Zoro/Sanji
Summary: A near tragedy has two stubborn mean realizing they might be more than rivals.

Never Meet Again (PG-13) Luffy/Zoro
He searched in storm and in sunshine
He'll keep on searching everyday
You'll hear him cry in the ocean
You'll hear him call his friend
He doesn't realize they will not meet again
You’ll hear him crying when he’s calling for his friend

Every Minute ... of Every Day (PG-13) Luffy/Zoro
Summary: Unofficial sequel to "Never Meet Again" - Zoro is a broken, lonely creature ... who is about to give up on rescue.

Multiple Chapter Stories:

~ The Deal ~
(NC-17) Sanji/Zoro
Summary: Sanji believes in "any port in a storm" ... Zoro believes in "dock here, and I'll shred your ship".
Part One ,Part Two ,Part Three

~ The Placing of Blame ~
(R) - Sanji/Zoro
Summary: The placing of blame in a bad situation, wherein two men who barely consider themselves friends will have to learn to depend completely on each other.
Part One ,Part Two ,Part Three ,Part Four, Part Five, Part Six,
Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine,Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve



Multiple Chapter Stories:

~ Love Compass ~
(R) Renji/Zoro
Summary: BLEACH/ONE PIECE AU CROSSOVER: Abarai Renji finally gets his big break in the world of voice acting. First snag? It’s a Boys’ Love anime. Bigger snag? He finds himself strangely attracted to his co-star.
Part One,


~* BLEACH *~


Untitled 1 (PG) Renji annoys Ishida, and then bleeds a lot.
Untitled 2 (PG) Renji annoys Ichigo




That Which Does Not Kill Us... (PG) A timestamp of sorts for my bigger Kagome/Sesshy story below ...

Multiple Chapter Stories:

May You Never Be Alone (R) Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Summary: Cursed by Naraku, and thought dead, the Lord of the Western Lands watches the world and people around him change through the ages. Until he reaches a certain miko's time.



Stand Alone Stories:

Three Sheets to the WindPG13 ... for the situation
Summary: Mikey decides getting drunk is the ultimate teenage right-of-passage... even for ninjas ... and turtles!

Ignore the Ghosts (PG-13)
Summary: Ignore the ghosts. Ignore their cries. Everything. Everything. Everything dies.

Gloomy Sunday (PG)
Summary: Mikey has a bad dream and runs to be comforted by his oldest brother. (aka: Attack of the Mommy!Leo fic!! Yes... Mommy!Leo ... don't tell me you've never noticed his mother-hen tendencies... they're so obvious!)

Heaven Enough (R) ... for death
Summary: When the end of your life comes, what words can you say to those you are about to leave behind?

Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye (PG-13)
Summary: A Fast Forward story! LE SHOCK! ... Leo comes to terms with what the future holds for him.

NYC Song (PG-13)
Summary: TMNT-FRAGMENT'verse - Leo & Agent Miller

The Hamato/Whitmire comedy hour (PG-13)
Summary: TMNT-FRAGMENT'verse - 50 sentences dealing with the many levels of Raph and Paul .... if you don't know who I mean by Paul yet ... look into the fragment universe here.

Multiple Chapter Stories:

~ Ain't No Love ~
(R) Raph/Leo
Summary: It is possible to love and hate someone simultaneously. Even your own brother. It's how far you choose to take that love ... how far you choose to take that hate ... that will determine how fate judges you.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



Stand Alone Stories:

A Postlife Conversation (PG-13)
Summary: Rated for just a couple mild bad words. Anywho... Vegeta is having a little conversation with himself post-Cell saga and little does he know someone is listening in.

A Reunion Long Due ~ Gohan (PG-13)
Summary: In the Mirai timeline, Gohan finally gets to see those he's missed. Rated for a couple mild words. Just to be safe. Post-History of Trunks movie.

A Reunion Long Due ~ Trunks (PG-13)
Summary: Sequel to the Reunion - Gohan... now it's Mirai Trunks turn to see everyone. Character death obviously and maybe a couple mild words.

A Reunion Long Due ~ Bulma (PG-13)
Summary: Sequel to Gohan and Trunks. Bulma comes to heaven. Rated for a couple mild words, as usual... and character death... as... usual?

Multiple Chapter Stories:

~ The Long Road Home ~
(PG-13) Mirai Trunks AU
Summary: Mirai Trunks returns, but he's not as the others remember him. His life has been turned upside down, and he's just looking for a place to belong, but is finding a home with the friends he once knew even possible?
Leads to all parts on FF.NET


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